Fix, Block & Troubleshoot Facebook Applications

I've seen so many questions about how to fix various problems with facebook games. The following is a basic guide of how to fix some of the more common problems.

This guide is divided into three sections:

Please note that facebook is going through some major changes to how its privacy settings and applications work. For that reason not all information may be up to date, but I will try to keep it as up to date as possible.

If you do the following things (explained in greater depth in this article), 90% of application problems can be fixed.

It's a commonoccurrencefor neighbours to disappear in new applications. First of all clear your cache and then leave a message on the forums or with support. It seems to effect players and computers at random and you may have to wait several days for it to be corrected.

If you lose items from your inventory, many new facebook applications allow you to send them a request for replacement based on what you remember having in your inventory. Contact support.

This is a tough one - it can vary from game to game but often a reset can't be fixed - even by a developer.

However if your game has reset do not restart your game. Log out and leave it alone for a few hours. In some cases the game will be restored - however if you've restarted the game it won't be.

To make your application run faster, do the following:

Most applications give two options:

Clearing the cache may fix some problems with your game by making your computer forget any settings or pages it had stored.

For internet explorer:

Open browser and click Tools>Delete Browsing History. Select "Temporary Internet Files" and then click delete at the bottom.

For firefox:

Open browser and click Tools>Clear Recent History. Beside "Time range to clear" click "Everything." Click on details and select "Only Cache" then select "Clear Now."

For Safari:

Open browser, click safari menu and then click "Empty Cache" then "Empty".

For google chrome:

Open browser, select the tools menu (looks like a wrench). Select brave frontier hack tool Options then "Clear Browsing Data" in the "Under The Hood" tab. Select the "Empty Cache" checkbox. Select boxes you want to clear (If in doubt click all and everything) and then click "Clear Browsing Data" at the bottom.

Some applications require certain downloaded programs to play. If they update to a newer version of the program your game may not work. Below are the most common programs required to play facebook games.

These are reputable programs that are safe for your computer. However if you are ever in doubt about a program from the internet, either scan it with your antivirus before use or do not download it at all.

Java Website

Adobe Flash Player Website

Top 5 Best FPS Shooting games for AndroidiOS 2014

Android is now turning to be a big business.There are nearly 200 crore Android smart phones in the world.So,naturally the Android gaming market has gained more popularity.Daily thousands of new games are getting released in the play store and itunes store to make them available for the smart phone users.

So,it is obviously not an easy job to find out the best games available in the Google play store and itunes store.So,here i would like to help you by giving you the list of best shooter games for android and iOS for the years 2014 & 2015.Here,i will be listing out the best ever Shooter FPS games released for Android.This list counts down from 5 to Top 1.I hope you all like this list.Please do share this article in social networking sites if you like it.

Enemy strike was released for android platform recently.It was released by Killer bean studios on March 3,2014.This application is compatible with all the latest android smart phones.It has a 4.1 rating from Google play store out of 5 given by nearly 1 Lakh users.The graphics and the player interface are the main assets for this game.

The plot of the game is simple.Aliens have invaded all of the earth territories while only some territories are remained defeating by the human are one of those humans pirate kings hack and you should take you gun to kill those enemy Aliens.It also has language change option with which you can change the default English language to your regional language.

Frontline commando is an amazing FPS shooter game released for Android operating system.This game was released by Glu entertainment.This game has got 4.5 rating out of 5 from 600000 votes in Google play store.This game is inspired from world war 2.You have to fight with the enemy country to save your country.

Stunning environment,advanced weapons,Quality visuals and great graphics re the biggest assets for this game.It is a free to play game but you have to pay real money to buy some weapons and other items in the game.All in all,this game is a must have FPS game for all android devices.

Call of Duty is one of the best and most successful FPS game series for Computers and Gaming consoles.By taking a step ahead,they have also entered into the Android gaming industry.They have developed this Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies for Android operating system and released it in the play store for $7 price.

This is the very similar game that is released for PC and Gaming consoles.But the controls are aligned so as to optimize this game for Android.This is a must buy Android FPS game and you'll love playing it.

Modern Combat 4:Zero Hour is one of the best FPS game released for Android in 2014.It was released by Gameloft For iOS,Windows Phone and Android operating systems.This is the immediate sequel for Modern Combat 3: Fallen nation and is the fourth game released in this series.Also,fifth game in this series Modern combat 5: Blackout was released recently.

The plot of this game is pretty much similar to that of Call of Duty Black Ops 2.All the controls are through touch screen.Player can throw grenades,crouch,refill and change weapons while playing the game.Also along with single player,there is also Multiplayer mode in which 12 players participate and play according to the modes "Battle" ,"Team Battle" and "Capture the flag"

Dead Trigger is no the all time best FPS game released Android and iOS operating systems.It has 4.5/5 rating in Google play store out of 8 Lakh ratings.This game was developed by Madfinger games and is released in 2013.This game is also available to play on Facebook.So, even you lay this game on Facebook if you have a good end PC.

This is a zombie apocalypse first person shooter game in which the player has to kill the zombies.One of the update in this game is,when the zombie is under the crosshair,the weapon automatically fires the bullet.Player has a health bar which decreases when any zombie hits him.He can regain his health bakc by taking health pills that are present all over the open world in which the player roams.

Securing Future with Asset Management Fund

Assets are required to be managed properly, so that it may not fall in the wrong hands and reap maximum projected benefits to the said person. The investor is not just expanding across asset classes, but also athwart asset managers. A manager in asset management fund might carry out plans slightly slower under certain monetary and market conditions. For illustration, the administrator of a financials equity fund can barely surpass if all financial shares are falling. They will demeanour general due thoroughness on these asset managers, to guarantee they know the ins and outs of each business, predominantly when it comes to investment viewpoint and processes, human wealth, risk management and acquiescence. It is crucial that managers have absolute independence in selecting the essential pirate kings hack managers. A manager must be free to opt for the best in the industry, and not be required to use an executive that is in the same stable.

Well, the task of Asset Management Fund is not essentially the duty of a single manager; it can also engross multi-management for determined and illuminate output. In a multi-supervised fair fund, different dedicated managers might each supervise the equity, cash, bonds and property components. The function of the multi-manager is to coalesce the different managers, and decide on the asset allowance (how much of each asset class should be in the portfolio). The 'single' managers can thus focus merely on delivering higher returns. Another instance might be a multi-managed equity subsidize, where consultant equity managers will take care sectors such as resources, capitals, industrials, or where one manager might be a escalation manager, and another a 'value' manager and a third a contrarian manager. Various managers thus expend a lot of their time on searching the wherewithal and recital records of the asset managers in the industry, willing to suss out, for instance, which managers are truly dexterous, and which have simply been fluky with their performance. They will carry out extensive due meticulousness on these asset managers, to guarantee they know the ins and outs of each business, predominantly when it comes to investment attitude and processes, human capital, risk management and acquiescence.

Now, the task of Asset Management Fund manager is not at all easy at times. It is because of the fact that it tends to involve a lot of minute details to be handled without any chances of mistake. The reason behind this fact is that the prospective investor has rested his faith on the manager and he cannot even think of carrying out any mistake. And for this purpose, he can also take the help of other related personnel for achieving the level of accuracy. Another important thing to note in this field is that you should also look out for asset management fund services falling within your budget. After all, you would be investing a big amount in buying assets and it might be possible that whooping costs of asset management fund might create a headache for you or mess up the entire plan.

Asset management fund is quite an interesting way of getting your investments supervised without any toil. All you have to do is pay the requisite amount and sit back to see all the things carried out accurately.

Longitude by Dava Sobel

Like most people I'm often asked what my favourite book is and it's a question I never hesitate to answer. Longitude by Dava Sobel may not be the answer people expect to hear and, often, they are somewhat perplexed by my answer. I soon persuade them to give it a try and, while not everyone agrees it's the best book ever, I've yet to hear a negative pirate kings hack tool appraisal?

This is the story of Yorkshire carpenter, John Harrison, and his quest to claim the prize of 20,000 offered by Parliament in 1714 for solving the longitude problem.

In today's age of GPS satellite navigation and routine air travel it is difficult to appreciate that there was a time when finding one's way at sea depended as much upon luck as skill and the occurrence of ships being lost at sea was all too common.

The problem of determining one's position at sea was one that puzzled many of the leading scientists of the age. The quandary being considered such a challenge that it forced Parliament to take unprecedented action by offering, what was in its day, a King's ransom to anyone who could demonstrate a practicable and useful method of determining longitude at sea?

To John Harrison the answer to the problem was a simple one. He knew that the Earth takes 24 hours to rotate 360 degrees and that one hour marked one 24th of a spin, or 15 degrees. If a sailor knew the exact time of a fixed place on the globe and also knew the exact time on ship then a simple calculation would determine his longitudinal position. All Harrison had to do was to create a portable timepiece which could be guaranteed to be accurate even after weeks or months at sea.

A keen amateur clock maker, Harrison had mastered the craft of producing accurate timepieces and he was certain that he could produce a clock which would stand the rigours of a life at sea and still remain accurate enough to be able to calculate the ship's longitude reliably.

Harrison was a simple man, intelligent but without formal education, his idea was challenged by some of the most prominent and celebrated members of the scientific community. Harrison was, however, determined to prove his theory and claim the prize. Despite constant set backs Harrison persevered and eventually, after some 40 years he was finally awarded the prize he so richly deserved.

The story is one of self belief, determination and a refusal to give up. We owe much to John Harrison; yes, the problem would have been solved eventually but, given that it took him [Harrison] the best part of his life, one can only wonder how many more men would have perished at sea for want of a simple timepiece which we, today, take for granted?

The story is told well by Sobel - what could be a tedious and uninspiring subject is explained with perfect clarity and inter-twined with Harrison's story makes a very good read. The book is not a long one, at less than 200 pages it's a quick read and considering the complexities involved this is a testament to Sobel's skill as a writer. I've read the book several times and always enjoy it; I suggest you give it a try?

How to catch Unique Amur Sturgeon on Go Fishing Facebook Game

To catch a trophy sturgeon or a unique sturgeon on the online Go Fishing game requires some preparation. Go Fishing is a free facebook app that requires you to catch an amur trophy sturgeon to complete one of the quests. To catch the large sturgeon fish requires the right kind of bait, hook, and line. You will also need to be in a suitable location and it can help to use chum and a fish finder. This hub includes a video demonstration and outlines the tackle requirements you will need to catch a unique sturgeon on the Go Fishing facebook game.

Sturgeon can be caught at any of the Amur locations. At Amur I have caught sturgeon at Greenland, Wild Coast and Holy Water locations. The only location I have caught a unique sturgeon though (the biggest size you can catch this fish) is at Wild Coast. However, some of my friends have caught unique sturgeon at other locations.

To catch a unique Amur sturgeon you will need heavy line, a strong hook and a very good rod. Trophy sturgeon seem to range from about 130kg to approximately 165kg. Unique Amur sturgeon seem to be anything over about 165kg. I have not caught one bigger than 167kg, but some friends have reported catching them up to 169kg. For this reason I strongly recommend using at least 200kg limit rod, 200kg line and 200kg hook. I am sure it would be possible to catch a Unique Amur sturgeon on 150kg limit tackle, but this will increase the risk of breaking your line and losing your hook. While this is not necessarily a big deal when you are using tackle that is easy to buy... you don't want to be wasting pearls on expensive 150kg tackle!

The first sturgeon I caught took a worm bait, but this certainly doesn't seem to pirate kings cheats be the most reliable way to catch them. I tend to catch more sturgeon when using fish type baits such as smelts, small fish and minnows. However, I have heard of friends catching trophy Amur sturgeon on worms. Additionally, using chum and a fish finder can help. I only tend to use the chum if I have won some from a lottery and its already in my backpack. However, I will usually use a fish finder to increase my chances of catching bigger fish like sturgeon. I usually just purchase the small one. I think it costs about $175, but it will wear out.

One thing that never changes about fishing is the role of luck. Sometimes you can be in the right place with the best rod, line, hook and bait, but still not catch what you are after. This can be frustrating, but it only adds to the reward of finally catching the fish you are after. To catch a unique Amur sturgeon usually requires a fair bit of time. Some people may catch it quickly, but other will try for hours. In the meantime, remember to enjoy it! If you're not enjoying it, turn it off for a while and take a break. The fish will still be there tomorrow! Some people like to use the luck potion to try and catch unique fish, like unique sturgeon. I only tend to do this when I'm competing in a tournament at the location where I'm trying to catch the unique fish. That way I have a chance to win pearls in the tournament or catch the unique fish required to complete the quest.

There are always more ways than one to catch a fish. Why don't you tell us your thoughts, experiences or ideas below! Happy fishing!

Tutorial ; Make a SQLite Mobile Database App for iPhone ; iOS ; iPad

The iOS SDK has many data persistent solutions, including SQLite, Core Data, archiving, property lists and files to name a few. Prior to Core Data, SQLite was the de facto standard for data persistence on an iOS device. The database continues to be a favorite solution for developers over Core Data. To help you learn how to implement SQLite within an iOS application I have written this tutorial to demonstrates how to load and display data from a SQLite database in an UITableView and to display selected details in a DetailViewController based on a users selection. The tutorial also shows how to insert data using an input form.

Before we can access the data in the database, it has to be created. SQLite can dynamically create databases if it doesn't exists with the open command. This operation should be performed in the AppDelegate when the app is loaded.

Switch to the implementation file and synthesize the todoArr NSMutableArray. Next we will implement the selectTodo method because it will be the first method called when the app is loaded. Any data in the database will read into the todoArr and displayed in the UITableView. This method will load the data pirate kings hack from the SQLite database using a SELECT query.

Code listing 10 is the full implementation of the selectToDo method:

The next implementation is the insert method upsertTodo. For this example the method only performs inserts but should be modified to also provide updates to existing records as well. Also this method assumes that the database already exist, which would need to be verified in a production app.

The complete layout of the Storyboard is presented in Figure 1 below

Now that the Storyboard is done, we will add code to the implementation files.

That is all that is needed for the klviewController implementation

Below are screenshots of the running app. Of course this is a rudimentary design and its objective is to provide an example of how to display content from a SQLite database in an UITableView and also how to push the details to a second view controller. However in a real production app, more error checking and proper controls and validation must be implemented, not to mention proper testing to make sure the application performs as desired. The code itself is only for demonstration purposes only and the author doesnt provide any guarantees on its functionality in any application where it is implemented.

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